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Melancholy - salmon Philippe - new album 2013

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Here is my last music album Melancholy (vague à l'âme) that you can download free. It is a mix of different kinds of music : Folk, Rock, reggae, latino, Jazz & classic,with instrumental tunes and songs. I have made a video clip of "I got to find her" with extracts of movies , and it should be on YT soon. I am very happy if you appreciate my music, there is no commercial aim in it , I just compose for myself and for my friends.

The link to download them is under the description of each song.

1 - I got to find her
Fast country - at the speed of an old train ...The story of a boy looking for the best girl he ever met though he saw her only in his dreams ... and he runs all over the earth using any king of transport - I had great fun using the sounds like the Beatles in Good morning .


2 - Une promenade en forêt ( forest walk)
Classical guitar tune - The first title was " theme and variations" but I realised that my father had composed a piece of the same title (for violin) . And while on a forest walk with my son I made a video for the clip ... the new title was found.


3 - Snake in the garden
Folk song with harmonica - The snake in the garden is an idea of my dear american friend Johnnydoxx. He had put a picture on Youtube illustrating one of his songs with a snake crossing the road. I told him I had also snakes in my garden , and he said : you could write a song about it I bet! so this is it ...


4 - Venus & Mars
Surrealist acoustic Reggae - It is a kind of insane outer space trip of two lovers who try to find each other though this is not really explained in the lyrics - The acoustic nylon string Takamine made the basic rythm, the other instruments were added after. - The tap tap rythm is just made with my hand taping on my guitar


5 - Would you be my love ?
Instrumental & sentimental Ballad - A sober piano accompanies my stratocaster electric guitar - This is a simple duet between these two instruments - rather rare in my works - someone asks in the end to the perfect love he just met : would you be my love ?


6 - You were the right one
folk song - I've tried to express what one feels when one is charmed by someone but is wrong about the reality of the future love. Psychanalyse of lost illusions - A guitar and a voice are enough to show these feelings.


7 - Lost dreams
Instrumental Hardrock captain - Heavy metal drums , a Bass guitar , a guitar riff on my Electric Godin , and here we go ... My son Timothée Helped me for the mix and told me not to start the guitar solo too early , thanks to him


8 - Windy cello ride
Cello and life sounds - the wind , a sitar and a horse passing contrasting with my father playin the cello and a clock ringing ... a tribute to his music and an evocation of time passing.


9 - On s'est aimé (we loved each other)
Latino slow song - At first a tune for guitar alone - this is often my way of writing a song - Then I added lyrics thinking of an old love finished but not forgotten...


10 - Vague à l'âme ( melancholy)
Celtic tune near the sea - Of course you can discover here some of my musical influences (Alan Parson & Kansas) but this dialog between my fingerpicking guitar and the armorican waves made me live again through this atmosphere of middle age that pushes me back with nostalgia for my breton origins.


11 - Peace
Piano arpeggio - Here is nostalgia and melancholy again , and you can say in a way that this is a romantic piece. But technically it is inspired by the first prelude of Bach in C - something curious , the scale is 7/4.


12 - Mathémagique ( Math & magic)
extracurricular reggae activity - I had the old project of writing an ironic song about my sympathy for maths because I teach it ... now this is done - I took out again this old rythm composer Roland TR505 - in short, I had great fun doing this.


13 - Morning moon
Jazz trio with piano - I played piano in a jazz club called "le Cellier" a few years ago (1988 -1990) and the guys of the band were really good . I have tried to find again this atmosphere , creating a virtual trio.


Jacket of the album with titles :


All songs composed by Philippe Salmon - recorded in south west of France - 2013

Vague à l'âme - Melancholy - Album Jacket

Vague à l'âme - Melancholy - Album Jacket

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